The official resource of the true king of rock and roll

GG Allin Website Credits is a collaborative effort between Rat and Merle Allin.

Site design and upkeep are by Rat. A GG freak since receiving a third generation GG tape back in the late 80's. I haven't been the same since. I do all the grunt work around here. You can contact me if you want, or visit my site at

Merle is GG Allin's brother, and bass player for the Murder Junkies. Merle needed a place to have his GG Allin catalog online, get GG Allin info to the people and keep the memory of GG alive. I'm honoured to have him affiliated with the site, as he is a virtual library of GG info. You can contact Merle here.

There are a few images on this site that were originally created by Dave Norton, who ran the GG site with Rat for a few years. Dave did a great job with the site and is one hell of a graphic designer. He will be helping Merle out with the Murder Junkies site which is currently in development.